Auxin Herbicides (2,4-D and Dicamba)

Six Greenleaf Tech nozzles are approved for Monsanto’s XtendiMax™ VaporGrip™ technology, and seven nozzles are approved for Dow’s Enlist Duo™ Herbicide. Be sure to operate these nozzles in the approved pressure range.

The D Versions of the TurboDrop® nozzles were designed with Dicamba, 2,4-D and glyphosate in mind, where a coarser spray is desirable. These nozzles deliver Ultra Coarse (UC) and Extremely Coarse (XC) droplets for maximum drift control across a wide operating range. The air-energized droplets provide better coverage than solid liquid droplets of similar size by increasing the number of droplets in the spray, by accelerating the droplets into the canopy, and by improving the spreading dynamics of the droplets on impact. The D version of the TurboDrop® DualFan has the ability to cover the target from two to four angles of attack to further enhance chemical performance.

Standard version (on left) can be converted to D versions quickly and inexpensively by simply changing the pattern tip(s).
The DIF4 diffuser is required for the TDXL-D version.

Click the image to download the Tabulation chart for XtendiMax™ approved Nozzles.

Click the image to download the Tabulation chart for Enlist Duo™ approved Nozzles.

Monsanto's XtendiMax™ website is an extension of the label, and must be consulted 7 days before making an application. All approved nozzles are listed on the Monsanto website, along with the specific operating pressure for each nozzle. All approved nozzles are listed on the EnlistDuo Label. Be sure to read the application guidelines and know the laws in your state for before spraying.