Variable Rate TurboDrop Fertilizer - TDVRF/TDVRHB

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TurboDrop® Variable Rate Fertilizer Nozzle
Multi-purpose medium pressure variable rate fertilizer nozzle, designed to provide a wider flow range for variable rate applications, wide speed changes and rate changes. Between 10 and 140 psi, a 5X flow rate change is possible.

Pressure Range: 10-140 psi
Modular two-piece design, polyacetal/stainless/EPDM.

Wider flow range for greater speed changes.

TurboDrop® Variable Rate Fertilizer Nozzle (TDVRF/TDVRHB)

5x flow rate at constant speed Covers the range of 4-5 TDXL nozzle sizes
5x speed range at consistent GPA rate Covers a wider range of speeds
New airless design for wider operating range Eliminates fertilizer spitting and improved accuracy
Easy to clean Comes apart by hand (no tools required).

The TurboDrop Variable Rate fertilizer nozzle is designed to apply liquid fertilizer at a 4-5x flow rate range to allow for varying fertilizer requirements of the target crop. It is available in a six hole streaming version (TDVRF) for use on standard sprayers, and a hose barb version (TDVRHB) for tool bars, nitrogen applicators and other dedicated fertilizer rigs.

The TurboDrop Variable Rate may be operated from 10-140 psi, allowing up to a 5x rate change at a given speed. Additionally, the TDVRF and TDVRHB can maintain a constant gpa rate over a 5x speed change.

The TDVRF utilizes a six hole streaming tip in order to minimize potential leaf burn while maximizing fertilizer distribution, maintaining uniformity with varying spray heights. The TDVRHB utilizes a 3/8” hose barb for ease of installation on fertilizer rigs, and acts as a variable-flow metering orifice.

The TDVRF and TDVRHB are now “airless,” providing a wider operating range, and eliminating the possibility of fertilizer spitting from the side. Accuracy is also improved.