Nozzles Approved for Dicamba Applications

Approved Nozzles for XtendiMax™, Enlist Duo™, Enlist One™, and Enginia™

How to Spray Four Times in One Pass with TurboDrop® Asymmetric DualFan Nozzles

Spray 4 Times in Only 1 Pass
Attach every other nozzle facing the opposite direction for four spray anglesTADF NozzleCreates a canopy of large droplets trapping smaller droplets inside for reduced drift
 Multi-purpose DualFan TurboDrop Asymmetrical DualFan® TADF - Pressure Range: 30-120psi TurboDrop ® Asymmetrical DualFan adds a new dimension to high performance spraying. Multiple spray trajectories aim toward the target providing a unique combination of coverage, penetration and drift control. Lower maintenance is another benefit: it has a difficult to plug and easy to clean Venturi air injection design. The TurboDrop® TADF has become the nozzle of choice for coverage critical applications with contact herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
Using the Multi-Purpose DualFan Nozzle The TurboDrop® Asymmetric DualFan (TADF) is a revolutionary technology in spray nozzle development from Greenleaf Technologies. With this dual fan design you can achieve a low drift canopy where larger droplets surround smaller ones in a four-way spray pattern that balances coverage and drift control.
Application Benefit Pressure
Glyphosate Excellent Drift Control 30-60psi
Glufosinate Excellent Coverage 60-120psi
Example TADF04 Applications GPA MPH Pressure
Glyphosate 10 11-15 35-65psi
Contact chemicals
like glufosinate
15 10-13 65-110psi
20 8-10 70-110psi

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Popular Nozzles from Greenleaf Technologies

Low Pressure AirMix®AM - Pressure Range: 15-90psi
  • The original low pressure, economical air injection nozzle
  • Fits standard caps
  • Also available in off-center version
  • Excellent for glyphosate application
  • No O-ring to break or lose
  • Medium droplets for contact chemicals
  • Difficult to plug -- Easy to clean
Medium Pressure TurboDrop®XL - Pressure Range: 30-120psi
  • The most proven multi-purpose Venturi air injection nozzle
  • Maximum drift control/penetration
  • Works at higher & wider pressure range
  • Great for self-propelled sprayers
  • Excellent for glyphosate application
  • Medium droplets for contact chemicals
  • Difficult to plug -- Easy to clean
Variable Rate TurboDrop&regVR - Pressure Range: 40-140psi
  • Covers the range of 2-3 TDXL nozzle sizes
  • Covers a wider range of speeds
  • Designed for 3-4X rate changes with pesticides, harvest aids and fertilizers
  • Venturi air injection design
  • Excellent fertilizer application nozzle
  • Difficult to plug -- Easy to clean

Choosing the Right Nozzle

Venturi Nozzle Overview
Compare the low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure nozzles from Greenleaf and find the one right for your application.
Nozzle Calculator
Reduce drift potential by confirming the correct nozzle size based on your particular flow rate.
ASABE Droplet Size Classification Chart
Find out where each Greenleaf Nozzle performs best. There is one for your application based on multiple conditions.
How Turbodrop® Nozzles Work
Turbodrop nozzles use a Venturi system to draw in air. This makes droplets less likely to drift. It’s the proven method trusted by professionals.
Tabulation Charts
Full details on the various sizes of Greenleaf nozzles so you choose the right one for your specific conditions.
Broadcast Application Guidelines
Compare the different pressure nozzles from Greenleaf and how your chemical application can be greatly improved.

easyFlow Closed Transfer System

The easyFlow is the first closed, contamination-avoiding and self-cleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products from sealed or non-sealed small PPP containers enabling the user to do partial or complete dosing. The easyFlow system is designed to fulfill all standards of environmental protection and operational safety today and in the future.

Test Data

Drift Control Study

In field plot work, weed scientist James Hanks saw a 90-95% reduction in drift with TurboDrop® spraying Roundup Ultra, with no loss of efficacy. With TurboDrop®, the increase in small droplets is much more gradual. At 70psi TurboDrop® has fewer driftable fines than other nozzles have at 20psi.
Round-Up Ultra Max Efficacy

See how Greenleaf Technologies. Turbodrop nozzles stack up to our competitors in a real-world application test. Better coverage with reduced drift. It.s proven again and again how Turbodrop nozzles raise the bar in every category you demand.
Coverage Study

TurboDrop® allows spraying at higher speeds for more coverage with the use of less water, much less drift. As travel speeds increase, and GPA rates decrease, the difference between TurboDrop® and conventional nozzles is even more pronounced.